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The M J Darby & Company expert personal injury team comprises of experienced solicitors and Legal Executives who handle personal injury claims on a national basis. We have handled personal injury claims for many years and recovered substantial damages on behalf of clients throughout the country.

We are specialist personal injury Lawyers based in the West Midlands who are experienced in handling claims for personal injury from those of the utmost severity to those of more modest amounts and issues.

We are expert Personal Injury Solicitors regulated by The Law Society. We are not Claims Managers and therefore we have no referral arrangements with such individuals which can detract from our main focus of achieving the best settlement for you the client.

We will communicate with clients by telephone and email and having concluded that a claim is one where we can assist, will happily travel to meet with you at your convenience.

Every personal injury claim will be treated with the same level of expertise and you can be assured that you are getting the best service from a specialist personal injury Lawyer.

We offer a no win no fee service, free initial interview and will provide you with a guarantee that you will receive 100% of the damages you recover for your personal injuries. We will not deduct our costs from your personal injury compensation. We will recover our costs from your opponent.

As expert personal injury Lawyers we will ensure that you are not advised by varying staff members or your case handled from a Call Centre. Your case will be handled by a dedicated Lawyer with whom you will have day to day contact from the immediate receipt of instructions. Equally important is the fact that this is the person who you will meet face to face.

We offer a without obligation initial discussion where your personal injury claim will be considered and this discussion will be always on a no win – no fee basis. We will provide you with specialist personal injury advice as to the prospects of your claim succeeding, if possibly the likely value of your personal injury claim and in particular the best method for paying for our assistance with your personal injury claim. Where appropriate we will be more than happy to accept instructions on a no win – no fee basis. We are however Solicitors regulated by the Law Society and if we feel that an alternative method of funding for your case is more appropriate, we will always advise what is in your best interests.

Any initial meeting to evaluate your personal injury claim will be without charge to you the client. This meeting can take place at this firm’s office, at your home, if necessary in hospital or by way of a telephone conference or by correspondence either by e-mail or post.
The claim that you wish to pursue for personal injuries can arise in a variety of different circumstances. This can include road traffic accidents, accidents at work, slipping and tripping accidents, injuries abroad, defective product claims or indeed claims against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority if you have been the victim of a crime of violence.

A successful personal injury claim will mean that you recover compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity that you have endured as a result of your accident. This is known as an award for general damages. In addition, we will ensure that you are compensated for any financial losses that you have sustained as a result of the accident which could include loss of income, medication costs, treatment costs, insurance excess, car hire, travel expenses, damaged clothing or care and assistance. We are always happy to consider any particular aspects of loss that you feel that you may have incurred as a result of your personal injuries and where appropriate incorporate these in your claim.
There are many types of injury that give rise to pursuing a case and these are highlighted below.

Road traffic accidents
Accidents at work
Slipping and tripping
Injuries abroad
CICA (Criminal Injuries)
Defective products
Head/brain injuries
Spinal injuries
Industrial disease

In addition to advising you on the prospects of your claim succeeding and the best way forward in relation to your personal injury claim we will also consider how best to pay for your claim. No win – no fee is a very important option to consider for personal injury claims. It is not the only option to consider and as Solicitors regulated by the Law Society with an expertise in personal injury we will ensure that all relevant enquiries are made into the most appropriate method to pay for your claim for you. If a no win - no fee agreement is the most appropriate this is what we will recommend.


If you, or one of the members of your family, have suffered an injury as a result of medical treatment and you are concerned that errors have been made, you may wish to consider claiming compensation.

We provide advice in relation to injury or loss suffered as a result of any type of treatment by doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, whether in the course of NHS or private treatment. We have particular expertise in complex injury cases and dealing with clinical malpractice claims on behalf of children or those who lack capacity.

We know that every medical negligence claim is different so our team takes time to get to know you, to understand the effects of the injuries you have suffered and to support you every step of the way.  

Initial advice is offered free of charge and without obligation. This can include guidance provided by telephone, a visit from one of our specialist solicitors or a review of your documents. We offer various forms of funding, including  no win no fee (conditional fee) agreements. Our team aims to arrange this funding at no cost to you, so that you keep 100% of your compensation.

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