We can assist with this extremely niche area of law.

Our solicitor, Tobias Haynes, is a leader and expert in this field with significant experience and a proven track record of success in this area.

When you have gone through the trouble and stress of obtaining a final decision from the Financial Ombudsman Service (‘FOS’), the last thing you want is a firm failing to comply with the decision. Whilst rare, it happens, and very few solicitors have knowledge or experience in this area of law. So if you need help enforcing a FOS decision – don’t leave it to chance. Our Solicitor, Tobias Haynes, is the leader in this field, with significant experience, having acted for a number of FOS-decision-holders over the years.

Years ago, Tobias sought to bring the difficulties of enforcing FOS decisions into the public eye, and his expertise in this field was recognised in the Law Society Gazette. Read his article (which he wrote whilst at a former firm) ‘Enforcing financial ombudsman decisions’ here.

Tobias can quickly grasp all of the relevant issues and get you on track to potentially obtaining a judgment and/or redress through other means. We typically offer this service under a ‘no-win no-fee’ agreement, although we are happy to be instructed through other funding methods such as hourly rates, if so desired.

If the firm still does not comply, Tobias can assist with any subsequent insolvency action.

For further assistance, please call 0121 421 7933 or email Tobias at tobias@mjdarby.co.uk.